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Our History

The West Virginia Strawberry Festival kicked off in 1936 as a way to honor our strawberry growers and help them increase sales. The very first Festival was a day-long celebration. As the years passed and its popularity increased, the West Virginia Strawberry Festival grew into the full week of fun that we know it as today! We continue to honor strawberry growers from all over our beautiful state. The Strawberry Auction is traditionally held on the Friday afternoon of Festival Week.

Interesting Fact: After being discontinued for five years during WWII, the Festival continued to expand into today’s week-long celebration!

The Festival Experience

We pride our festival in being known as an “Exciting Family Tradition.” For 8 fun-filled days, guests of all ages will enjoy the Strawberry Gift Shop, Horse & Carriage Parade, the Arts & Craft Show at WV Wesleyan College, and food vendors specializing in strawberry treats of all kinds. Oh and don’t forget the carnival!


Volunteers who love Buckhannon and the West Virginia Strawberry Festival graciously dedicate their time to bring family fun to all of our attendees.

Board Of Directors

President – Shane Jenkins
1st Vice President – Lacy Ramsey
2nd Vice President – Lori Meadows
Secretary – Sara Tobin
Treasurer – Kristy Spencer
Assistant Treasurer – Johnnie-Jo Hovis
Past President – Debra Hupp
Executive Member – Tammy Samples
Executive Member – Matasha Weaver
Board Members – Brian Allman, Deanna Chenoweth, Bethanie Cogar,  Alicia Costello, Nicole Davis, Amanda Hayes, Sonya Henderson, Michael Livesay,  Alexis Queen, Robbie Skinner, Carol Shenuski, Jim Valenson, and Deborah Wilson
Associate Members – Brad Lincicome and Marisa Meadows


Please email us at [email protected] or call 304-472-9036 for more information.  We hope to see you at the Festival!